How can an Influencer become the designer of his own brand?

Today I was reading an article on a famous newspaper about fashion business named Pambianco News that talked about how the English model and TV presenter Alexa Chung successfully launched her clothing brand.

There has been a lot of talk about the phenomenon that sees the (almost) natural evolution of influencers in Entrepreneurs and I think it will be talked about more and more in the future.

Why should an influencer create his own brand?

As I wrote in my recent article a How to become a fashion designer: even if you haven’t studied fashion, you are not able to sew and if you do not have a lot of money to spend to study for becoming one of them

“A designer does not create clothes, he creates business models”

And at this juncture from Belen to Chiara Ferragni we have perfect examples of how you can expertly exploit your Personal Brand in order to create countless successful business activities ranging from fashion to catering.

Seen by Insider at times it can be almost frustrating, anyone who has worked as a brand manager, product developer or in a style office, in marketing or in communication for the launch of a new brand, knows how difficult it is to reach the right target of people.

As if that were not enough to then intercept the right tastes, arrive with the right message at the right time and so on. The influencers seem to go beyond all the traditional rules not only of marketing but especially those of fashion.

The question I find most interesting to ask is what is the key to the success of these characters? The best answer is given by Al and Laura Ries in the book:

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“You can’t launch a new brand with advertising because advertising has no credibility. It’s the self-serving voice of a company anxious to make a sale. You can launch new brands only with publicity or Public Relations (PR)”

Al & Laura Ries.

Influencers can therefore count on a virtually infinite and self-fueling PR potential.

This makes the launch phase of a brand, which is usually the most difficult and expensive, a breeze! By making any investment in traditional advertising unnecessary, both the product itself goes into the background.

If we go to see Alexa Chung’s collection in detail, the logic is that of private labeling.

The technical and creative part makes use of excellent collaborations with Madewell and AG Jeans and creative consultancy projects for Marks & Spencer, Superga and Eyeko

(Quote. Pambianconews).

This is not a negative point, is it known that not even the great designers are more used to designing a single figure or a pattern, how can we blame the beautiful Alexa for being well advised by those who are (like us) in the trade?

After all, she will be recognized as the spokeperson of her brand, the inventor and since in people’s minds the perception most often coincides, she will also be considered “the designer”.

The real merit of influencers who become fashion designers is that of becoming a model, an example of a lifestyle and beauty that most of their followers want.

This is why they are willing to buy whatever they imprint on their brand.

This serves to get closer to them and feel part of an ideal in what is called “projective identification” in psychology.

Because as I usually say:

“If you are not Aspirational..you are nothing”

Corrado Manenti

Do not fear! Even if you are not an influencer, you can undoubtedly throw yourself into creating something of your own. In fact, most of the “old-fashioned” stylists could not count on millions of views and followers. Dedication and talent can always be rewarded. It only takes more time and perseverance.

If you don’t know where to start I recommend my article: